B4 Limits Sp. z o.o. and Lucidity Sp. z o.o. cooperate closely together in the area of near-shoring of engineering services for clients from around the world. The two companies share a common office space with Komunikacja Polska Sp. z o.o. which fulfils the role of a business hub that holds the companies together.
Lucidity is a market focused software-house while B4 is a hardware & firmware engineering company with modern software capabilities . The concept of company co-habitation arose from differing shareholder needs and requirements as well as desire for our team-members and our clients to have best suited engineering power for (Y)our projects. In this way, the team-members can move between projects and work on behalf of the companies as we (you and we) see fit allowing for the greatest amount of flexibility and balance for both - our client(s) and our team members.
Lucidity is a proud member of the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce while Komunikacja Polska is a equally proud member of the Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce. All companies support and work with People Matter Foundation which helps talented teens from challenging environments to reach their potential.
Separately but together we work with you as one.
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